Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This post is the first in a series about the process of designing & printing “Poetry Has Left the Poem” a broadside by Darren Wershler. The broadside was produced in conjunction with Darren’s visit last to CC last October.

About a month or so before the visit we asked Darren to send us some text for the broadside. Here was his response (quoted from an email):
In terms of the broadside, I'd like to see what your printer can do with a single, provocative, aphoristic sentence: "Poetry has left the poem in the same way that Elvis has left the building." As long as that sentence is the major element of the broadside in a huge, heavy, fuckoff typeface (something like Franklin Gothic, Ziggurat or Giza), he can do whatever else he likes...

And of course there’s nothing better than a challenge like that. This is what I came up with, a CMYK printed and delaminated image/text print.

As radically stripped down as the final product is, getting there was quite an adventure. It began with a scan of Andrea Mategna’s St. Sebastian:

And then that was cropped, the resolution lowered, and the CMYK dots enlarged.

The desired final size of the broadside (12” x 18”) was too big for our platemaker to make as a single plate, so the image had to be split into two sections. But with the dot pattern being so large, making the plates was no problem, and it wasn’t long before we ready to print.

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