Friday, December 10, 2010


Originally posted by Katie Montgomery on 2/17/2010.

So! Goodness it's been awhile. Apologies to anyone out there who's been in desperate need of a Press update. Over fifth block Colin helped to teach a graphic design class with the Art department. Students designed letters of the alphabet, learned how to do some basic printing, and a couple made posters. Lovely odd posters. A couple even went up around campus. Here are a few examples:

Several students decided to print in silver ink which is indeed sparkly but a little difficult to see from certain angles. The text reads: Vivid Broken Words/in cahoots with death metal/a comic quartet/rife with the last remaining/crackhouse anthems not uttered. Yup. (The yup is mine).

Text reads: Life insurance is/shark repellent, possibly--/THE REST IS DETAILS./Get answers from REAL people,/APPLE'S ipad will fall short.

More images to come once I get my hands on a decent camera.

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