Friday, June 10, 2011


And then we went to press.

The total size of the map was fairly large (20” x 27.5”) so we printed it on our giant press, the Vandercook Universal 4. Each pair of students came in to print together, in 2 hour shifts. The runs were arranged in logical printing order (light to dark), so each group of students were responsible for more than just their image and type—everybody contributed directly to the whole piece.

The press is 30” across the grippers (which is the long side on this model) so feeding was done by two people at a time.

And we had one “master printer” on the end, pulling the sheets and checking the ink levels.

Despite the size of the sheets, the fact that this was the first time the press had been used in a while, and that this was the first class project that I oversaw here, the printing went pretty smoothly.

There were, of course, a few minor mishaps, but nothing we couldn’t handle….

Gradually everything built up into an (almost) finished piece.

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