Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Carol Neel, Professor of History at CC and longtime friend of The Press, brought her Brownie troop in one evening for an activity. Apparently there is an actually a merit badge for “Visit to a Printshop.” As there should be.

The troop had been working on a book project. They all made collage self-portraits, and then those were color photocopied into pages, along with a collection of pictures of various activities that they had done throughout the year. We printed the covers here, and then they folded and bound the pages into finished books, one for everybody.

We also let them set, hand ink, and pull proofs of wood type. Most of them did their names, along with some sort of adjective, like “super!” or “cool!” They were also really excited about the hellbox. It was a great deal of fun. Definitely the most enthusiastic group that we’ve ever had in here.

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