Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Text by Amitava Kumar, from his book Bombay-London-New York.

The colophon, printed on the back, reads:
This broadside was designed and printed at The Press at Colorado College for the occasion of Amitava Kumar’s reading as part of the 2011 Visiting Writers Series. The footprints were made by our brave printers-in-training: Tara Mullin, Leeds Mallinckrodt-Reese, Patrick Lofgren, Michaela Davies, Rebekah Barnett, Emily Michels, and Sydney Minchin. The rest was printed using less pedestrian methods—photopolymer plates for the text and collagrpah for the white shapes. The typefaces are Palatino Linotype and Placard Condensed, and the paper is Rives BFK Heavy Cream. Designed and printed by Aaron Cohick, Printer of The Press at Colorado College, in October of 2011.

And there is an addendum to that as well: Alena Ede and Alexandria Romo assisted with the letterpress printing.

9” x 13.25”. Variable edition of 30. Signed by the author.

The price of the broadside is $20. To purchase a copy please send a check for $25 ($5 shipping), payable to Colorado College, to:

The Press at Colorado College

Aaron Cohick

14 E. Cache La Poudre St.

Colorado Springs, CO  80903

Be sure to include what you are ordering and your shipping address. Questions? Email Aaron Cohick at aaronDOTcohickATcoloradocollegeDOTedu.

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