Monday, September 16, 2013


"Madness" writes 19th century German philosopher Heinrich Shleschmann Zuute, in his groundbreaking literary manifesto Zuberflagen, "has deprived the common man of his common dream in a common world surrounded by commoners. Only through the purge of a spiritual lobe can we release yet another suture in the tapestry of a mortal plane." My work at the press aims to realize this goal through a direct attack on the human psyche.

Above you may witness the object in which my methods have come to fruition. I have descended to the still widely unknown of this institution of higher learning; and by utilizing the medium of letterpress printing, I have crawled back. Spreading these brief glimpses throughout a reality that many of you exist in each painful day. A piece must have a frame, however subtle, otherwise the artism of reality can "flood the fluvial cellar of the mind, reducing civilization and nature to a state of desperation." *

*Heinrich Shleschmann Zutte, Zuberflagen

Below, you can see the pure form of philosophy. In order to obtain such genius, one must first strip away all inner sight, then strip away the schema of the self, the unself, and, of course, the bookself. The vision below is where truth lies in an ultimate form. The image of a lyrical poet, similar to a modern day bard, hovering over simple, centered, soulful syllables from my intellectual expeditions, is the most reliable form.

With this form as a template I am able to deconstruct and reconstruct this prose vector pattern however I desire, while still remaining efficient and true to the moral and philosophical standards the categorical imperative has set for us.

"BEHOLD! THE BIRTH OF A NEW GOD. REASON HAS WROUGHT IT AND FAITH HAS BIRTHED IT"* Now you have seen the beauty and symmetry of my grand design. As all the stark prose is four vectors in length, I am able to exchange any four vector length piece of prose out for another, thus rendering my design fluid. The design is only three simple runs, a number and simplicity laced with imagery of the tiger lily, oft referenced in manuals of human beauty. 

*Heinrich Shleschmann Zutte, Gods, Humans, Horse.

Watch out, School born of the Rockies. The truth has been unleashed, and no amount of blind ignorance may stop a vassal as potent as the work of tireless hands. The truth is around you, it simply waits to be seen. 

Already a new project, which will be created with my hands, is underway. This larger work will follow the harrowing journey of a Brazilian outlaw on his trip to Hell, and the death of the devil shortly after he arrives. The broadside will assault the senses with heavy handed beauty and loose baggage. 


The truth was being forged by a man who was listening to Will Smith. 
This man would recommend the song "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" in particular. It has that peppy bounce that kidz crave.

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