Monday, November 20, 2017


The documentation website for the exhibition, AMPLIFY & MULTIPLY: Recent Printed Activist Ephemera, is now live at The show was held at Colorado College's Coburn Gallery in March and April of 2017. It featured the work of over 150 artists, from 7 different countries, in over 500 pieces. We filled the gallery from top to bottom.

The description from the site:

AMPLIFY & MULTIPLY presented the art of resistance—the varied means in which activism has been channeled into visual expression in the fight against racism, white supremacy, misogyny and other forms of oppression. On display was an array of activist/social/political printed posters, protest signs, objects, fundraiser publications and other ephemera produced and used in the 6 months prior to the opening. 

The site has images of the installation (as seen above), labelled documentation of every piece, and a complete list of participants.

The entire exhibition (with only a few exceptions) is archived in Special Collections at Colorado College's Tutt Library. It is available for research use and (possibly) for other exhibitions.

You can read the original call for entries here:

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