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Originally posted by Katie Montgomery on 11/02/2009.

Christian Bök, top poet of the cold reaches of Canada, did a reading at Colorado College on the 15th of October 2009. To celebrate his visit Colin printed a pamphlet of "Voyelles," a poem by Arthur Rimbaud translated by Christian Bök. With everlasting class and cleverness Colin selected the imagery thusly: the cover features a print of all the capital vowels rotated around a central axis. Nerdy? Yes. Cool? Absolutely! For those of you who don't speak french "voyelles" means "vowels" which are the subject of the poem. The first line goes "A black, E white, I red, U green, O blue: the vowels." The back of the pamphlet is printed with five small rectangles, one in each color. Oh how minimalist and elegant. They were printed in an edition of 90 and are available for purchase at the price of $15. Contact [Aaron] to set up getting a copy!

UPDATE on 2/13/15: Voyelles is now OUT OF PRINT.

Aaron Cohick
The Press at Colorado College
14 E Cache la Poudre St
Colorado Springs, Co 80903

The inside en francais (the english is on the facing page).

Capitalized vowels rotated around a central axis.

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