Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Originally posted by Katie Montgomery on 10/29/2009.

Thus far this third block there has been a great flurry at the press. Poster printing, poster setting, and preparation for Kay Ryan Poet Laureate of the US of A! Jaimie has been busy working on a broadside of Ryan's poem "Cloud", as yet unpublished but we hear it should be coming out in Poetry sometime soon! Ryan will be visiting the campus and doing a reading on November 3rd at 7 PM in the Cornerstone building. Don't miss it!

Colin has been experimenting with glow in the dark ink for concert posters (a warning to those of you who get excited--this ink is expensive stuff). I, (Katie), just finished up a blindingly orange poster advertising the half-block class in "The History and Future of the Book" taught by our beloved librarians Steve Lawson and Jessy Randall. Several students are taking advantage of the press to create small books on their own time and with the aid and supervision of Colin and the monitors. We love visitors so come to the press and explore some ideas! Ever considered making your own letterhead? How about book-plates? Low on cash for the Holiday season and not really prepared to do a repeat of the clay birds nest you made your mom in second grade? There are any number of elegant, funky, and generally interesting projects that you might embark upon. Gosh and golly gee, I'm really making a sales pitch here. But honestly, don't let the opportunity to experiment in the press pass you by. The craft is amazing and the people are pretty cool too.

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