Thursday, February 24, 2011


After we had the general plan for the project together, the next step was for the pairs to choose a specific topic (something that we covered in class that they wanted to learn more about) and begin researching it. After they had gathered information, they needed to do two things: 1) construct a visual representation of the information that they wanted to communicate, and 2) write a textual explanation of their topic and image.

The process of making the images was interesting and challenging, as the majority of the students (all but one, really) had little or no experience with art and design. I told them to use whatever methods that they felt comfortable with—drawing, collage (analog or digital), tracing, etc. Most of the groups ended up using a combination of those three methods. Some used an entirely digital collage approach, and one pair drew their image entirely by hand.

The images that follow are the scans of the originals that the students turned in.

"The Library of Alexandria," by Alex McConnell & Andrew Salazar

"The Warring States Period," by Yuchen Zhao & Will Harris

"The Story of Boudicca," by Sonora Miller & Lizzie Hunt

"Libraries Through History," by Max Perryman & Linda Jimenez

"Pokemon and The Classic of Mountians and Seas," by Catherine Zaumseil & Jeffrey Collett

"Robin Hood, Through the Ages," by Rebecca Smith & Peter Elliott

"The Book Burning of the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty," by Bobby Meller & Mariel Dempster

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