Thursday, February 24, 2011


For this project, I made an edition of 31 posters, 10"x 20". The event is a student band (FUNK FACE!) playing live at the Morreale Carriage House on Friday the 25th at 10pm. Sponsored by The Sound of Colorado College Student Radio Station.
Above: Top: Printing the first color, and essentially laying the foundation for the poster in red. Photo taken by my assistant--Daniel Alvarado.
Above: Bottom: Printing the 2nd color: brown. On the left is the lock down on the press bed, on the right is the product hot off the press.

Carving for the third run. This is mid-carving, when I was done the block looked mostly lighter--this was in an attempt to shade the edges of the lines with the third color (dark purple) to add depth and movement.

Playing around with margin size and formatting. So many choices! Final poster is the one on the far right.
Above: all three stages of the poster. From right to left you can see the red, brown, and finally the purple phases of the image. This poster was done using linoleum blocks, and utilizes what is called a 'reductive' printing process, this meaning as I printed each run (or in this case, each color) I carved away more and more of the block. You can see in the first few images, I started out with solid red blocks to lay a base color, and then in the sixth image, that I was on my second stage of carving. There is one sentence of type at the bottom, set by hand in Nubian typeface, size 14, which was printed on the third run in purple. So in between each run, I went back to the carving block and changed where the press was going to lay down ink--for a grand total of three runs and two carving sessions!

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