Friday, February 25, 2011


Name: Eleanor “Bone-saw” Anderson

Year of graduation: 2012

Major/Minor: Studio Art, Minor in the Book

Where are you from? Cleveland Heights, OH

How long have you been working at the Press? 3 years

Briefly describe what you do at the Press:
I primarily make posters, books, and other ephemera and have recently started a press with Lucy Holtsnider called Iron Cupcake Press. A lot of the time I drink coffee, listen to Andrew Bird, and think about what to do next.

What brought you to the Press?
When I was a freshman I saw all the posters around campus and had to learn how and where they were made. Then I took a class called Basic Graphics and made my first poster for the Aspen bike trip (6 colors, with a broken leg I might add)

What keeps you coming back?
The smell of solvents in the morning, all the sharp equipment, definitely setting type… oh and, the people!

How has working at the Press enhanced your overall education at Colorado College?
I want to work as a letterpress printer after college, so working at the press has not only provided me with the technical skills needed for this, but also turned me on to a community of interesting people, working all over the country, geeking out over the same thing.

How would you like to see the Press grow and change in the future?
In a manner similar to Danish astronomy icon Tycho Brahe, I would like the Press to gain feudal power over an island, commission its own castle complete with paper mill and printing press and become the unrivaled authority on subjects such as taming tigers, bedtime stories and dinosaur management.

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  1. I am so proud to know that you are a letter press geek and following your passion. XOXO muti