Friday, February 25, 2011


Name: Taryn Wiens

Year of graduation: 2014

Major/Minor: Studio Art/ Museum Studies

Where are you from? All over (Oregon most recently)

How long have you been working at the Press? Since fall 2010

Briefly describe what you do at the Press:
I print posters, help with workshops, and do personal printing and book binding projects.

What brought you to the Press?
Book Arts/Letterpress summer class (highly recommend it!)

What keeps you coming back?
The awesome crew that works here, a need for inky hands, a desire to continuously learn more about bookmaking and letter-pressing, and the beautiful dualistic nature in the practicality and pointlessness of it all.

How has working at the Press enhanced your overall education at Colorado College?
It’s one thing you can learn at CC that is not purely conceptual. It’s like the shop class that I never had. To do real things with your own hands is so satisfying.

How would you like to see the Press grow and change in the future?
I’d love to a) see more students get’s such an amazing resource but too many people don’t know about it and b) see it produce more quality artistic works and make a really strong name for itself in the larger letterpress community which of course depends on a), student involvement.

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