Monday, August 22, 2011


And so begins the catching-up-recap of last year’s events and goings on that we didn’t have time to blog about during the school year. First up is “PRINT HERE NOW: The Colorado College Broadside Bonanza.” The official description of the event was:
In the summer of 2010 Levi’s began a program of opening up temporary art studios devoted to different disciplines in cities across the US. [They have since expanded to Europe as well.] The first one of those was in San Francisco, and that studio was focused on screenprinting and letterpress. The studio closed in August but the adventure is not over, because three of the intrepid letterpress printers that were involved with the workshop are now driving across the country to deliver a printing press to a community print studio in Braddock, PA, and they are stopping for a day here at Colorado College. They will be setting up shop in our letterpress studio, the Press at CC, to host a day of informal conversation about the trip, the experience of the Levi’s studio, and their personal experiences as young print artists in the Bay Area and beyond, as well as orchestrating an improvisational print project that anyone and everyone is invited to participate in. So come on over, meet Rocket Caleshu, Taylor Reid, and Tom Smith, see the Press at CC, and learn about letterpress printing by reaching in there and getting your hands dirty.

This was a really fun event—we spent all day and evening in the studio (with the team of 3 printers + 1 more printer, Erin Fong, just arriving in the morning), making things (postcards, broadsides, etc.), talking, drinking coffee, making more things, talking. We had a good crowd that came in & out during the day—not just students, but CC faculty, staff, and interested people from the CO Springs community as well. A perfect opportunity to open the doors and let people in.

Sometimes, it’s about printing. But all the time, it’s about the love.

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